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You can provide opportunities to the youth of Central Iowa through the game of golf!  See what your generous donation can provide!

First Tee Program – First Tee – Central Iowa provides great life skills experiences and golf education and training through our Certification Program. The actual expense to the organization is $647 per participant.

Participant Scholarships – A nominal fee of $100 is required for a youth to participate in our First Tee Program. However, First Tee – Central Iowa does not turn any kid away from participating in our program. If they cannot afford it, we will provide the youth with a scholarship so they can participate. To scholarship one youth for the Program is $100 per session.

Equipment – Each year, First Tee – Central Iowa needs to purchase new equipment and replace worn out instructional gear. Equipment includes items like orange cones, foam noodles, hoola hoops, tennis balls, nerf footballs, bean bags, rope, alignment sticks, colored tape, frisbees, soccer balls and foam balls of varying sizes. Equipment cost per year is approximately $750 – $1,000.

Age Appropriate Golf Clubs – Though we receive many sets of donated clubs, many are not of the proper size needed for our young participants. A donation of $250, buys one new full set of junior clubs with carry bag for a participant to use during our First Tee Program.

Wendy Carlson Girls Golf Program – This program is geared exclusively for junior, female golfers to help provide them with the confidence and skills to become tomorrow’s leaders and athletes for life. The minimum annual cost of the program is $5,500.

Coaches Training – This educational training program that prepares staff and volunteers to deliver instruction based on the proven teaching philosophy that supports and enhances the First Tee Program. The average investment to certify a coach for each level of training is $1,750.

Community Program Equipment & Curriculum – This activity-based golf program has been specifically designed for youth-serving organizations such as the YMCA, local community centers and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Participants are exposed to core value behaviors through familiar games that have been modified to incorporate the four basic golf shots – putt, chip, pitch, and full swing. Cost to implement this program is approximately $3,500 per location.

School Program – This program exposes young people to the lifelong sport of golf through the P.E. programs at their school. They learn basic golf motor skills and the inherent values of the game including health-enhancing habits. It equips and empowers students to overcome challenges in school and all areas of their lives. Physical Education teachers receive specialized training and are provided developmentally-appropriate curriculum and equipment for their students. Cost to implement is approximately $4,500 per school.

Your generous support provides essential financial assistance to further the mission of the First Tee – Central Iowa. We have many opportunities for corporate partners, small businesses and individuals to get involved and assist the youth in our communities become better people.

Together, we are Building Game Changers!